We are a digital workplace consultancy specialising in modern SharePoint intranets and information portals.


We Design.

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We create digital tools that improve your work processes and clarify your work life.

We’ll turn your business’s intranet into a useful, modern platform that embodies your company’s culture, links your staff and ultimately adds measurable value to your business.

What is a modern intranet?

Your modern intranet is the digital front door of your company. Chat, work, connect? An effective modern intranet is the virtual version of your physical workspace, from the notice board in the canteen to active stories that live your company’s values.

Why do you need an intranet?

The convergence of Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Predictive Analytics technologies are disrupting the way we live and work. A modern intranet is an essential tool to navigate this transition effectively.

Looking to modernise your intranet?

What is an Information Portal?

Designed with a focus on user experience, an information portal surfaces information in an attractive and intuitive way. Helping your company manage information from multiple digital tools.

Why do you need an information portal?

In the Information age, your company will use multiple digital tools to collect and share information. Most companies are not getting the full value from their information assets which are often scattered across multiple locations and tools. Developing a modern information portal improves the findability, usability and discoverability of this important content, dramatically improving the value of this critical company asset.